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Tatiana Abramova

RITO is a bright representative of the Ukrainian medium-size business that produces designer knitwear. Thanks to the support and opportunities provided to us by EPO, we have finally overcome our fear of exporting, which is hampering many SMEs on their way to new markets. EPO educational platform is a real exporter’s guide. Trade missions give a real chance to find a business partner and get acquainted with the business of other countries in person. Thank you for your work in word and deed! Keep it up!

RITO Fashion House Director

Yurii Lebed

I received a letter from EPO with the following content: “We chose your company as a potentially interesting exporter for the Enterprise Europe Network clients, and we can help you to create your own profile in the system fo free, so you can offer the entrepreneurs from 65 countries information about your products. ” Just imagine: semi-governmental organisation offered us (a small company!) help in promoting our products to the world market free of charge. (…) It would be hard to imagine something similar three years ago.

Pharmaxi LLC Business Director

Oleksii Zolotarev

The same as most of the Ukrainian business, we have a deep need for new international markets. Therefore I am grateful to the Office for their initiatives and work. All forums and trade missions organised by EPO were very helpful. They provide a convenient platform for conducting effective b2b meetings and establishing a constructive dialogue between the Ukrainian government and business. We have a single goal – a successful and prosperous country. And very soon we will see the results of our joint work.

Kyiv Watch Factory General Ditector

Leonid Spivakov

Ukrainian Trade Mission to Sweden, organised by the Export Promotion Office, helped us to get market intelligence. We received feedback on the relevance of our product on the Swedish market, we understood our strengths and weaknesses. This is a priceless experience that gives you an insight on the first steps to the European market. And, of course, this visit brought interesting personal acquaintances and contacts of potential partners.


Co-owner of the furniture company Rodynne Derevo

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