Business Opportunities

EPO is expanding the export opportunities for Ukrainian small and medium sized businesses to help companies find potential partners and form their own business contacts network.

To enable this, we arrange:

  • B2B meetings with representatives of foreign companies.
  • Business networking events in partnership with chambers of commerce and industry, business associations and leading institutions which lead to promotion of business opportunities.
  • Trade missions and Forums with government representatives, seminars and roundtables.

Within our trade missions, you will receive

  • Export consultation: analytical materials, consultations on customs issues, certificates and provision of primary export consulting.
  • Expert assessment of the company’s preparation for participation in the mission (analysis of export readiness).
  • Organisation of informal networking events with the participation of representatives of foreign business.
  • Organisation of meetings with representatives of chambers of commerce and industry, business associations and organizations that promote business opportunities for companies.
  • Site-visits: visits to leading Ukrainian companies and distribution networks.
  • Promotion materials.
  • Logistics and visa support.

Trade mission preparation milestones

  1. Development of a comprehensive market analysis on selected sectors, developed by a professional business/trade consultant specializing in promoting foreign business to a chosen country – to choose products with most potential in the market
  2. Public presentation of developed comprehensive market analysis on selected sectors by an invited international business consultant.
  3. Announcement of a 2 weeks open call/registration for Ukrainian SMEs of selected sectors wanting to participate in the Ukrainian trade mission to a selected country.
  4. Screening of registered Ukrainian SMEs by a selected professional business/trade consultant in cooperation with EPO, through personal interviews, to select 12 Ukrainian SMEs with most potential.
  5. 12 Ukrainian SME finalists selected for participation in the business delegation of the Ukrainian trade mission.
  6. Organization of personalized B2B meetings, by a selected professional business/trade consultant in cooperation with EPO.
  7. Pre-departure briefing conducted by EPO.
  8. Trade mission.

For further information, please contact us by email or telephone:

trademission@me.gov.ua +380(67)-828-20-35


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