Export Consulting

The Office experts have developed an integrated approach system for solving issues related to export activity which involves the provision of assistance to companies in four stages – from understanding a company’s readiness for international business to bringing its ideas to life backed by selected external experts.

The Export Promotion Office provides assistance to companies irrespective of their size and experience in international business. Whatever your business’s level of readiness for export expansion, you can always make use of a corresponding integrated assistance package or start the entire proposed process together with our professionals.

Export Readiness Assessment

Idea Check


Business Internationalization

*Due to the risk of unreasonable usage of your business’s resources, we advise to use Idea Check, Mentorship, and Business Internationalization services only for companies that meet the following criteria:

  • company’s annual sales from 50 million UAH;
  • operational activity for at least 3 years;
  • number of personnel on the payroll from 10 people;
  • availability of a separate business unit responsible for international business with good command of English;
  • availability of certification for manufacture and/or products/services.
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